Target will debut a new customer loyalty program this October

Starting October 6, 2019, you’ll be able to supercharge your relationship with Target.

The iconic red-and-white brand is a large presence in many communities across America, but its store-branded credit card and debit card is not: Only around 25% of Target’s customers utilize the REDcard. The company’s discount program, Cartwheel, also hasn’t gained much traction with its primary intended demographic despite saving shoppers a combined $1.5 billion throughout its lifetime, according to Target. 
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Target aims to improve that engagement statistic next month with the launch of its revamped loyalty program, Target Circle. The program will be presented in app form, and will automatically enroll customers who hold and REDcard accounts. Other customers can sign up through the dedicated Target Circle link. To unlock their Target Circle perks at checkout, customers will swipe a barcode from the app or input their phone number. 
Perks include a 1% discount on Target purchases for non-REDcard members, while cardholders will continue to earn the standard 5% on purchases made with the REDcard. Members will also receive personalized deals and early access to Target sales in-store and online, including an annual birthday discount of 5%. Target Circle members will also have a say in where Target directs its charitable giving efforts within the local community.

The new loyalty program will give Target a lot more insight into customer behaviors — a move that may make some shoppers wary. (In 2012, Target notoriously realized that a teenage girl was pregnant before her family found out.)
While the overall savings may not be significant, every little bit adds up. If the new program rekindles your curiosity about whether or not the Target REDcard is worth it or not, read our guide to the Target debit REDcard here.
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