Indoor Hammocks and Floating Chairs

Indoor hammocks, floating chairs and cocoon chairs add visual interest and scale to your interior design. Plus, they are comfortable and fun too!

Indoor hammocks and floating chairs are suspended from your ceiling or hung from freestanding rods. They come in a variety of styles such as mid-century modern bubble chairs, Eero Aarnio Ball Chairs, Egg Chairs, contemporary cocoon chairs and suspended mesh or cotton hammocks.

They make remarkable lounge chairs for relaxation or for taking a quick nap during the daytime. Their natural “cocoon-like” shape adds comfort and coziness to a room. They will quickly become the best seat in the house.

As far as scale is concerned, they add height and dimension to your space. By drawing the eyes upwards, the area visually becomes more spacious and the amount of floor space increases. Floating chairs and indoor hammocks are especially desirable in homes with too many low-level furnishings and low ceilings.

Adding floating chairs and indoor hammocks help to balance proportion while increasing the amount of “white space” in a room. White space is the amount of room above and around the furnishings.

To balance scale, reduce cramping and to increase visual interest in a room, consider floating chairs and indoor hammocks as alternatives to large and bulky furniture.


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